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User access

This website uses MediaWiki software and you are encouraged to create and edit pages. To do this you must create an account. An account is required to prevent vandalism and so that contributors can send each other messages.

Creating an account does not require you to provide an email address, but doing so will allow other contributors to contact you. The name and email address of registered users will be used solely for the administration of this site and will not be made available to any 3rd party unless required to do so by law.


MediaWiki may use cookies to help improve site navigation, but the site should be fully accessible with cookies disabled. The cookies do not include personally identifiable information.


This website uses webalizer to monitor site statistics. The statistics include visitor IP addresses and domain names, but do not include any personally identifiable information. The MediaWiki software may also collect this information for statistical purposes. In both cases the information is stored for up to 1 year and is only available to the site owner, who does not make the information available to any 3rd party unless required to do so by law.


The site owner cannot guarantee that the above information will remain private, since a determined individual may develop methods to uncover the information and disclose it. For this reason, the site owner can make no guarantee against unauthorized access to information provided in the course of visiting this website.